How To Tribute

Amazon Wishlist


An easy anonymous way to gift Ma'am.Just click above! 

Otherwise feel free to send a Gift card to

Circle Pay


Simply click above & send to

Cash App


Simply click & send to ¬£MaamMalice 

Alternative Tribute

Fire Hobbit Creations


I adore the work by FH Creations & he often has something waiting for me. 

Gift Cards & purchased items either custom or pre-made from him will be shipped directly to me if you mention My name.

Phoenixx Designs Uk


The astounding PDUK who provide all of my custom latex. One of the easiest way to win my affection is  payment plans in MY name! Fulfill my desire for a never ending latex wardrobe!

Bad Dragon


Who doesn't love the magical wonder that are the toys of Bad Dragon!

I only have 2 of their toys in my collection currently and more can only help with the debauched & odd fantasies of myself and my submissive.

food wishlist


For those who enjoy my rolls and wish to add to them this is the tribute and spoil for you!

Theatre Tokens


My love & passion for BDSM is solely matched by my adoration of Musical Theatre & the Arts. a truly unique and selfless way to show you devotion is to send e gifts cards to

Days out


I often accept planned days out and holidays organised and pad for my trusted subs. Contact me directly with your plans!