What happens if i need to cancel our session?

The Sooner you know the better if you inform me in less than 24 hours you be be expected to pay in full. less than 48 hours & only your deposit is lost. 48 hours prior and i will happily arrange another date/time with you!

How much does a session generally cost?

That depends entirely on how you wish to serve.

Online the minimum tribute required is £25.

Real time sessions can be as little as £150.

Long term chaste & servitude have personalised costs dependent on the level of training you wish to receive.

Do you provide full sexual service?

Although i agree that exploring in BDSM  and D/s dynamics is inherantly sexual i DO NOT provide full sexual service as it pertains to penetrating my body in any way. 

Some sessions may include the sexual activities such as pegging, release and ruined orgasm for the client in question!

Do you provide nude Domme sessions?

Nude illusion is as close as you will get. CFNM is a scenario that ultimately adds to my pleasure in a scene & isn't pleasing me the ultimate goal.

Will you film our session?

No! i do not film or photograph without your consent. Many of my clients much prefer anonymity and privacy but for those who wish to be more public i am happy yo share small outtakes of our exploits.

If you wish for a personally filmed momento from our play let me know in advance & i will happily arrange that for a small extra tribute!

Do you provide long term ownership?

I have a very particular taste in lifestyle/Long term slaves.

You must prove willing, dedicated & ready to provide amusement & gifts as and when i wish it. This is not an easy route to take but the rewards are glorious!


Can i hire you for an Event?

You certainly can! just pop me an E-mail over with what it is you had in mind and i will happily discuss individual prices depending on the event itself.

Including Fem Dom Events, Hen/Stag do's, Birthdays, weekend adventures, the limit is your imagination!

What are your sizes?

In standard clothing i am a uk Size 20.

In latex it alters depending on the brand but i like to give myself some room in the bust with a size 22 or a custom measure order!

Lingire - 38H SIZE 18

Shoes Uk size 6/39

Will you Domme a couple?

I wiill happily Domme a couple whether this is a D/s/s or D/D/s setting! I will not charge two people for the session but naturally it is a little more expensive than a session for one!

Do you provide watersports?

I do! Goddess nectar at its finest but i only provide this clothed!

what are your hard limits?

Ones currently on my list, Needle play, hook suspension, hardsports, roman showers & the blatant obvious!

Do you provide hard sports?

Sorry no this fetish is not for me, i have tried in the past with a few clients and it just isnt enjoyable for me in any capacity. I can happily sign post you to some phenomenal Dommes that do provide it!